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Caroline Scott Low of CSL Art Consulting not only helps her Silicon Valley clients navigate the world of art, but also helps them build collections that they love.

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On a stunning crisp autumn afternoon in Pebble Beach, the dramatic views of the landscape are not the main attraction. Instead, this impressive estate’s artwork curated by Caroline Scott Low is the center of attention.

How did you find your way into the art world?

CSL: It’s complicated (Low smiles) and yet very organic. I received my B.A. in Art History, and I studied abroad in Paris and Florence. Art has always been my passion, and it is in my DNA with professional artists on both sides of my family. My dad collected contemporary art, with a proclivity towards Pop Art and Surrealism, but he also collected emerging artists. He took me to museums and art galleries, beginning at a young age. In college, I would go to museums alone and spend time with my favorite pieces. My children know that no matter where we travel, museums and galleries are on the itinerary.

Your firm has an impressive portfolio—what was one of your first projects and what are you working on now?

Several of my first projects were second homes or pied-à-terres. Often, those projects organically grew into updating the clients’ primary residence collections as well. Most of my clients are long-term, and we continue adding to their collections. I feel very blessed with loyal clients who have a similar passion and love for art.

What inspires you most when viewing art?

Knowing that the artist put their heart and soul into a piece. I was fortunate to study the Old Masters in Europe when I studied abroad. But I equally savor seeing art by living artists. It is so integral for me to support contemporary artists.

Tell us how you go about finding the perfect piece of art for a client.

Sometimes the process can take a long time, but it is always satisfying seeing the ‘a-ha’ moment on my clients’ faces when we find that significant piece. Acquiring original artwork is a true privilege, so it is my goal to make the process joyous. There is never a reason to stress about buying original art, and it does not have to be expensive. Usually, I find it is best when the clients can experience the artwork in their home for a trial period. They can see how it looks in the different lighting throughout day and night. Living with it for a time can really seal their love of a piece. If the artwork is from out of state or another country, I will Photoshop it on the wall, so they can visualize it in their home. Often I do both, Photoshop and bring the piece to their home. Most important to me is if the artwork brings joy to them and their families.


If you could have a conversation with any artist, who would it be? 

Hands down, Matisse! His art is permeated with joy and happiness. I love his whimsical nature, simple forms, and bold colors. I would be so intrigued to hear about his process because he was motivated by his intuition and his instinct. Those two traits truly drive me as an art consultant, and, of course, the joy of what I do!

What are some trends you are seeing in the art world right now? 

I would say 2019’s most significant design trend is Maximalism featuring bold colors, elaborate patterns, and an opulent layering of accent pieces and art. Gallery walls are a distinctive feature of Maximalism. Creating gallery walls is a creative way to fill a space with notable artwork, and it is on-trend with the design world.

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