Out on Her Own

Stacey Brenner is bringing beauty to downtown Saratoga.

For Saratoga native Stacey Brenner, hair styling is in the genes. Or, you might say, in the shears. Her dad is a longtime barber and the owner of Stan’s Shear Pleasure in Los Gatos. Brenner grew up in the business, from helping her dad lay tile when she was all of 5 years old, to years of styling, to now holding the title of owner with The Beauty Resort, the downtown Saratoga salon she opened in 2018.

“I felt at home,” she says of first seeing the space, which the previous tenant had used as storage. When Brenner pushed open the door and inched her way through stacks of belongings, she envisioned the potential. “I wanted to create an oasis,” she says of that original spark of inspiration. She also describes coming to her salon as “an experience,” where stylists remember your favorite refreshment while the décor, a mix of pinks and gold and palm fronds, evokes a getaway to Palm Springs or lunch at the Beverly Hill Hotel. There’s even a rattan swing in the entry. The message is clear—Brenner wants her clients to decompress and enjoy themselves. Or, as is scripted in pink neon above a green velvet sofa: “Inhale the beauty. Exhale the BS.”

When the opportunity recently arose to expand next door, Brenner—wanting to also expand her offerings and the overall vibe—jumped at it. “I created this as an event space,” she says of the now-adjoining Beauty Bungalow, punctuated by that most memorable neon sign as well as a picture window looking out over Big Basin Way.

Guests can book the flexible styling space for bridal or baby showers, as well as pre-event styling and gathering. Educators, too—Brenner is a hair extension specialist and has certified more than 1,000 stylists over the past year—can book it for training. “Everyone thinks the best thing to do is get ready in a hotel,” says Brenner, who recalls pain points from her own such experiences as a stylist, when fuses would blow and critical tools weren’t at the ready. “We have everything a stylist would have here,” she says. Among three bridal package options, a bevy of possible delights can also be on hand, from crudité and mimosa bars to a Bluetooth projector for photo slideshows. “I want brides to have an experience that is going to be in their pictures forever,” Brenner says.

A full menu of Beauty Resort services, like microblading, extension installs, and lash lifts, is available online at thebeautyresort.com, while Beauty Bungalow pricing and details can be found with a call to Beauty Resort Concierge Sara Bromberg at 408.761.2904.

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