Red Haute

Fiery and passionate rubies, rubelites, and tourmalines are perfect all year round.

Ruby and diamond cocktail ring.
Available at Kerns Fine Jewelry, Burlingame, 650.348.7557.

Ruby and diamond ring by Bizotto.
Available at Gleim the Jeweler, Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, 650.325.3533.

Diamond and ruby heart necklace and earrings.
Available at Kerns Fine Jewelry, Burlingame, 650.348.7557

Ruby and diamond necklace.
Available at GRAFF, San Francisco, 415.926.7000.

Rubelite and tourmaline ring.
Available at Stephen Silver, Rosewood Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, 650.292.0612.

Ruby and diamond ring.
Available at GRAFF, San Francisco, 415.926.7000.
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