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Jet-setting Jaime Xie: a fashion blogger committed to her own taste.

At just 21 years old, champion-equestrian-turned-blogger Jaime Xie has made a splash in the fashion industry by turning her passion for style into a career. With the Atherton native’s blossoming social media presence and busy schedule, this won’t be the last you’re hearing of Xie.

Her interest in the fashion industry began with a love of shopping. “I wore uniforms for most of my school years,” recalls Xie. Perhaps as a reaction to the rigidity of her school wear, Xie found a creative outlet in mixing and matching outfits and posting them on social media sites like Instagram and LOOKBOOK.

Simultaneously, Xie’s talent as a rider placed her in some of the top competitions across the United States. She gave up traditional high school for Stanford Online School in order to compete full-time, and earned the prestigious rank of #1 in the USEF Small Junior Hunter 16-17 Division with her horse, Commisario. (Commisario also earned USEF’s Horse of the Year Award in 2014.)

Upon graduation, Xie set off for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, which she has followed up with full-time blogging. Indeed, Xie is difficult to pin down, as she rarely stays in one place for long. During the months of February and September in particular, because of Fashion Week and Couture shows, Xie can be found at store openings, shows, and brand-sponsored events. For now, she is enjoying being home in Atherton, where the majority of her closet lives. “My main closet is here, so I always have to come back to switch things out,” relates Xie. “I can only fit so much in my house in LA.”

For those dying to get a look into Xie’s closet, she let us in on some of her favorite designers and trends right now. Some highlights include Chanel, St. Laurent, Vauthier, Alessandro Rich, Attico, and Thierry Mugler. “We all love the designers that are super well known, but I am increasingly loving newer emerging designers like Jacquemus,” she notes.

On the top of her fall trend list—along with feathers, metallic textiles, and oversized menswear style—are tiny bags, which she sported for our meeting while carrying her phone and keys in the other hand. “They’re not practical, but I just ordered an even smaller one!” smiles Xie. “There’s nothing even in this right now. I could probably fit a piece of gum or a tic-tac.”

A trend she’s not loving? Dad sneakers and biker shorts. “I only have one pair and I got them before I went to Florence,” she adds. “It really depends. You have to style them correctly.”

Xie describes herself as a style chameleon, as she can be feminine and flirty one day and edgy or minimalist another. “I will kind of wear anything and everything that I like or that feels good on me. I tend to like things that are classic with a twist,” she relates. “I definitely see fashion as wearable art—especially with shoes; I buy shoes as if they are art pieces.”

While we have all come to know bloggers who promote products they have never tried, Xie stays true to her personal brand. Because of this, her followers know that anything she posts is something she stands by. “All of my outfits are my favorite because I wouldn’t wear an outfit that I don’t like. Even when I have fittings for designers or particular shows, I always make sure that I’m staying true to how I want to represent myself and my own brand,” says Xie.

Xie spent the month of August filming her next project for Netflix. Going forward, she hopes to start her own luxury line and get more involved in skincare and beauty. As someone who tries to maintain a vegan diet, all-natural skincare is very important to her. One of her favorite lines is Osea, which she discovered while shopping in L.A. Her favorite beauty product? “Lash Star false lashes,” says Xie firmly. “When I discovered these, I bought 25 pairs because I was so afraid that they were going to discontinue them. My mom thought I was crazy.”

In the coming months, expect lots of travel ahead for Xie, as she will be busy throughout September Fashion Week shows around the world. To keep up with all of Xie’s upcoming projects, follow her on Instagram @JaimeXie.

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